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Groundwork Services, Inc. was statred in the housing boom. We made it through the rough times even though we were only in our third year of being in business when it all came crashing down in 2008. Our hard work and dedication to our customers is a big part of us making it. We have had the priveledge to meet and serve many wonderful people over the years and built a working relationship. We have 10 years of serving Tallahassee and the surrounding areas and look forward to many more, thank you!
 Some of our many customers:
 Cotton Contracting
 Construction Service Corp. of Tallahassee
 Shane Y. Lambert Construction
 James McFarland Builders
 Bills Book Store
 Tharpe Construction and Remodeling
 Tallahassee Homes
 Commercial Roofing Company
 Benners Contracting
 Bannerman Landscape 
 Leon County Schools
 Mullinax Construction
 Burnette Roofing
 Ingrams Marina
 Killearn Lakes HOA
 Diligent Concrete
 Integrity Realty
 Sapp Contracting
 LDS Construction
 Conrad Design and Landscape
 and many more..
 The job above we removed all of the existing grass and a Azalea plant bed, rough graded, hauled in top soil, graded and sodded. The picture shows during the top soil stage.
Business Partners:
Construction Services Corp. of Tallahassee
Cotton Contracting